About me

I am a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with a Masters of Science in Foods and Nutrition who specializes in renal and diabetes nutrition. Nutrition plays an important role in managing kidney disease and diabetes. 

I can help you navigate the complex world of food and nutrition and show you how food can be delicious and nutritious while achieving your health and nutrition goals.

I have many years of experience working for hospitals in Toronto, am also a co-chair of the Southern Ontario Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians through Dietitians of Canada and have worked with many individuals with kidney disease and diabetes. I know this area of nutrition is scary, confusing and complex; but it does not need to be. I started Kidney Nutrition because I am passionate about making healthy eating easy to understand, delicious and nutritious. Working with clients and seeing their success brings me so much joy. I work directly with my clients to support them on their kidney journey by providing personalized advice that meets their nutrition needs and preferences. 


I take every opportunity as a dietitian to debunk myths to promote a balanced diet, make a connection with my clients that engages them in their health and nutrition, and be able to take a holistic approach to healthcare that encourages clients to take ownership of their health. Working with a renal dietitian like myself will help provide you the confidence, support and communication you need when delaying progression of kidney disease.

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